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Gerald McAlister of ACM

Gerald McAlister of ACM

Captain’s Log: We’ve successfully made contact; they’re here to offer us jobs!

On September 18th at 11am the Association for Computing Machinery hosted a Google Hangout session with Justin Kosslyn. Justin works as a product manager at Google Ideas, which is where Google creates and makes many new ideas.

At the event, Justin talked about the process of creating new projects from brainstorming to executing.  At Google there are many different projects with many different people working on them. From writers to IT professionals, everyone has something to contribute. In addition to projects, Justin also discussed the many job opportunities at Google for the average college student such as tech jobs, research positions, and internships.

ACM estimated over 100 students from all different majors showed up to the event. Everyone seemed engaged and had very positive feedback, to the delight of the event hosts. Even the Dean of the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Nicole Guajardo, attended and was pleased with how the hangout session turned out.

Anyone wanting to follow up on this event should consider checking ACM which meets on Friday nights at 4pm in the Luter atrium. To get on their mailing list, just email with your name and email address or fill out the webform:

In the meantime, keep up those grades and think about gathering some experience with projects outside of class.


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