What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Happy Friday Captains, I hope that everyone had a great week! Can you believe that we’re only 4 days away from Thanksgiving break? This semester is quickly coming to an end and that means that the Pizza My Mind events are also dwindling down. We’ve only got one more left, so make sure to come out next Thursday!

Yesterday’s PMM was presented by Newport News Shipbuilding which designs, builds, and maintains nuclear and non-nuclear ships for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard and provides after-market services for military ships around the globe. 115 CNU students came out to hear what Parnetha Callahan, Strategic Recruiter for NNS, had to say about the company. She started off the presentation by mentioning the full time jobs, level 1 jobs, and the internship program opportunities available.

She spoke about the full time and co-op opportunities, but the section of the presentation that received the most notice was the internship program! She mentioned that the company mostly takes Sophomores and Juniors but that they also take Seniors if they are going to Grad School. Students that enter the program should be prepared to commit at least 10 weeks of their summer vacation. It’s important to remember that when submitting your application, a minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required, along with attaching your transcript and resume.


Another great highlight of the presentation was when she asked Professor Steven Ward to speak about his experience with NNS. Professor Ward has been an Adjunct Professor at CNU for a little over two years now! The first thing that he mentioned was that he has been with the company for 18 years and counting. He started off as a sailor in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate. After 8 years in this position, he began working for NNS. He started out as a Senior Engineering Analyst, and then moved onto being a Senior Operations Coordinator. After that he went from Test Engineering to Engineering, and now he is currently a Manager in the Secure Engineering Systems department. The reason for all that was to show how one person can grow within the company and that there is a job for everyone! He mentioned that part of what makes working there so great is that the shipyard is a city in itself. It has it’s own Fire Station, Police Station, Hospital, and Emergency Control Center. He mentioned that there are 1,100 CNU graduates currently working at the shipyard and that a number of those students are in management positions! He explained that if a person were to name a specific degree program here at CNU, that he could name its corresponding position at the shipyard. A tip that he mentioned for students that are interested in applying for positions is to check the site for potential jobs twice a week. The reason for this is that because the shipyard is constantly looking for people to fulfill all sorts of positions, jobs are only posted for five days. So, in order not to miss any positions, make sure to check twice a week!

Well that’s all for now Captains, hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!

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