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Presenters Nicholas Casetta and Ian Marcelo

Presenters Nicholas Casetta and Ian Marcelo

Happy Friday and welcome back Captains! This year’s very first PMM was presented by Liebherr, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction machinery.

Nicholas Casetta, Senior Manager of the IT department kicked things off by telling the 128 CNU students that Liebherr is a family owned business that was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. Currently, there is a 3rd generation Liebherr in charge of over 130 companies worldwide and over 40,000 employees! Casetta went on to mention how diverse the company is, it does everything from mobile cranes, mining equipment, domestic appliances and even hotels.

Casetta then focused on the mining division within the company because of the Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News co. (LME)was established in 1970. Its proximity to CNU is roughly about 10-15 minutes. Currently, the company produces over 50 trucks a year but the plan is to have that number double in 2016. The product range consists of hydraulic excavators, off highway trucks, dozers, wheel loaders, and mobile cranes. He mentioned the product range to show the audience that the business is evolving within itself and changing based off of customer demands.

The LME IT department currently employs nine people. These nine are split up into two groups, Infrastructure and Helpdesk, and Business Processes and ERP Support. Liebherr is looking to do a lot within the next few years, there are already significant projects defined. Casetta went on to talk about the current and future opportunities that are available within Liebherr. Some include the BI Migration Project, where there is a current opening and the PML Project, where there will be a future opening. He finished off his part of the presentation with mentioning that there are many other projects in line.

Ian Marcelo, who is a Senior System Analyst at LME came up to the microphone to specify what the BI Migration Project was. BI stands for Business Intelligence, their goal is to migrate the current BI environment from SL server 2008 to SQL server 2012. He strongly spoke about the hands on experience one would gain with the Microsoft BI stack of development tools and operational analysis. Marcelo finished up with mentioning that the internship being offered would be for 6 months. One would be provided training and would work alongside himself and Casetta.

To finish off the presentation, the floor was open to questions where someone asked about opportunities overseas. Although they are currently not looking for overseas assistance, they assured the audience that the project offered will have global impact!

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