What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

Happy Monday Captains!! I hope that everyone’s ready to get back into the swing of things after a cold weekend in. Last Thursday’s Pizza My Mind seminar was presented by the MITRE Corporation. MITRE is a non- profit company that provides defense and intelligence, aviation, cyber security, homeland security solutions and much more!

MITRE’s Andreas Tolk, who is a liaison for the company came to give the presentation. He started off by talking about the company’s background. MITRE was established in 1958 to serve the public interest, meaning that they are a non profit organization Tolk mentioned the company’s spirit of innovation and their deep understanding of systems engineering.

After finishing up with what the company does and its background, he moved on to talk about the job openings. They currently employ 7,300 people. He continued to mention the types of characteristics that MITRE looks for in prospective employees. Some of the characteristics include: critical problem solving skills, a strong background in science, mathematics, social sciences and systems engineering.

Currently there are two programs within MITRE that have openings, the Internship Program and the Apprentice program. Those interested in the Internship Program will be happy to hear that the position is paid. The program offers interns to be members of a team within the company. The types of things that interns are involved with are sponsored or MITRE research programs. In addition, these intern teams eventually become part of project teams. The ultimate goal for these intern teams is to be evaluated for positions as MTS. He finished off this part of the presentation by mentioning that the summer Internship in Hampton has 8 or so positions currently available and that MITRE is soliciting for resumes now through April!

Well that’s it for now! Make sure to tune in for the following post about CNU’s newest organization, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). One last thing, if you’re interested in learning more about MITRE, they will be at the job fair on Wednesday, January 27th!

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