What You Missed At Pizza My Mind

FireEyeHappy Tuesday Captains! Last Thursday’s Pizza MY Mind seminar was all about the rapidly growing and changing world of cyber security. The wonderful people of FireEye were at CNU to tell us that we don’t need to have tons of super highly technical skills to get a start in cyber security. All we need is to have an interest and a desire to learn. Which I know that we all do!

Frank Tobia, software engineer at FireEye, dove into the presentation by talking about all the perks of interning at the company. He stressed the importance of the one to one mentorships that all interns have with innovators in the field of advanced threat detection. In addition, interns get to work on meaningful projects that have impact. He also mentioned that the internship experience on its own is a perk because of all the fun that all the interns have working at FireEye.

So what exactly is FireEye and what do they do? “FireEye has invented a purpose-built, virtual machine-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection to enterprises and governments worldwide against the next generation of cyber attacks.” In simpler terms, the people that try to steal military plans and hack into our computers are the bad guys and the people at FireEye are the good guys that stop them.

CNU graduate, Alex Lawrence was alongside Tobia to talk about the company. A current CNU student, Micah Coffman, a junior majoring in Computer Science, shared his internship experience at FireEye: “The work that we do makes a difference and it makes me enthusiastic to come into work every day. The team is so welcoming and their internship program teaches us company’s values. We get to go to some super fun events and it’s a place that I don’t want to leave when the day is over. The company aims to keep their employees motivated and engaged and gives us a plan to never stop growing within the company.”

To finish off the seminar, Tobia spoke about how the company treats its interns: “We want our interns to work on something hands-on. This isn’t the type of company that requires interns to fetch coffee. We treat our interns like entry level associates. Once they get trained, we get them working on something meaningful where they will be getting real experience and something that’s going to look incredible on their resume.”

That was last Thursday’s seminar! Make sure to come out to this week’s PMM, there are only a few more chances since the semester is rapidly coming to an end. I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday.

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