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Soozie Darling speaking with CNU students after presenting IPPON

Soozie Darling speaking with CNU students after giving her presentation

Greetings Captains! The PCSE Department hosted IPPON for Pizza My Mind on September 1, 2016 and welcomed back their very own alumna, Susannah (Soozie) Darling. Darling graduated from CNU in May 2015 with a degree in Applied Physics and has been with IPPON since December 2015. IPPON Technologies USA is a global company which delivers innovative digital, big data and cloud application services. They employ consultants who provide critical recommendations and guidance at any time during the lifecycle of a customers project.

Soozie began her presentation with a quick background on IPPON and how they first began. “What does IPPON stand for?” was my first initial thought. IPPON isn’t an acronym for anything, it actually means, “one full point.” According to Darling, the company was founded in 2002 in France as a Java consulting company and has grown to become one of the largest software companies. Since it was so successful, a USA branch was opened in 2014. It started with 3 employees and now, as of April 2016, they have grown with 22 Engineers and 4 staff members. This rapidly growing company hopes to have 20 US offices by 2026!

Darling shared the company’s vision, which is “to bring together people with the brains and the brawn to serve the technology needs of customers. IPPON pioneers the concept of HumanIT, where technology is evaluated in terms of what scaled levels of changes it can make in everyone’s everyday life.” She then went on to talk about the company’s values, which are passion, courage, dependability, open-mindedness and personal growth. In conclusion, Darling spoke highly of IPPON’s global diverse culture. This is something she cares deeply about because everyone brings in different perspectives. They believe in a work hard/play hard dynamic where everyone collaborates. She finished with saying that everyone has fun together, there’s always a good feeling coming into work, and it becomes a place that’s hard to leave after the day is over.

Well there you have it Captains, IPPON is an upcoming company to definitely keep an eye out for and recommended by a CNU grad!

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