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Nicole W. Baab, University Relations Coordinator, getting to know the CNU students after the seminar

Hello Captains!  Last Thursday we were lucky to have one of the largest energy providers in the world. Dominion Power presented at Pizza My Mind.  Dominion Power values its company on safety, ethics, excellence, and teamwork. They are located in 47 different locations throughout the country with their headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia.  Forbes has ranked them as one of the best places to work offering the strongest opportunities for employees.

So, what exactly does Dominion Power do?  The company is built on public service, innovation, and community involvement.  In addition to their core energy production, transportation and storage businesses, they invest in communities where we live and work.  They also practice responsible environmental stewardship wherever they are located.

Towards the end of the presentation, the representatives from Dominion shared information about internship opportunities for 77 different majors including Business, Info-Tech, Chem, and Engineering.  There are 8 states that they provide internships in and they pay their interns up to 22 dollars an hour.  75% of interns get hired to work for Dominion.  That is 190 interns per year!

Christine Simon sharing about her internship

Christine Simon , a senior, computer science major, is one of the lucky interns that got offered a job at Dominion.  She commented on all the skills she learned through her internship, “I developed a lot of skills while at Dominion.  I learned time management, how to be a good employee, and I had opportunities to work on a lot of different projects within the plant”.  Christine interned at the North Anna Nuclear Power Station her first year.  She managed the plant computer systems and worked on four different teams.  Her second year she interned at the Surry Power Station and was involved with their cyber security team.  She will continue her career at the Surry Power Station in the spring as an official employee.

If you have a 2.5 GPA or higher, start applying for a summer internship at Dominion. Applications are accepted now up until December.  8 lucky Captains had internships last year, so get out there and apply now!

How to Apply

  1. Go to dom.com/careers
  2. Visit Careers Partial
  3. Connect of Login
  4. Click Search for Jobs or Job Search Agent


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