PCSE Grad School

On Thursday, October 3rd, Pizza My Mind took place in Luter room 121 as it does every week. But instead of bringing in employers from local companies and organizations, Dr. Siochi talked about CNU’s very own graduate program. Students with their eyes on the job market know how precarious it is right now, especially for graduates looking for their first position. Anyone concerned with this national crisis should consider applying to a five-year program CNU offers specifically to students interested in pursuing physics, computer science, or computer engineering.

Undergraduates who receive their Bachelors in science are guaranteed admission to graduate school and the admission fee is even waived. Those enrolled in the program get an additional five-year advisor, nine more credit hours, and a shiny new Masters degree upon graduation.

Freshmen and Sophomores interested in the program should discuss it with their core advisors to plan out their credits. Once Junior year arrives, students can apply! The program includes Research Assistantships in which students would assist professors in their personal research and Lab Assistantships which gives grad students the opportunity to build experience by instructing computer science labs.

Funding and scholarships are available and having a Masters degree really boosts students in the eyes of prospective employers. Anyone who is interested in the five-year graduate program should come to Dr. Siochi with any questions or concerns.

So keep up your GPA and don’t let the thesis research scare you!


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