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Hello Captains! We were very excited to host a new company this past Thursday called ivWatch. IvWatch is a local medial company located in Hampton, Virginia. Their goal is to advance patient safety in infusion therapy and vascular access.


Students listening to ivWatch present


Peripheral IV’s are a common procedure that comes with common problems. About 90% of hospital patients get an IV but the current IV failure rate is 50%, 23%. These failures are due to infiltration. IvWatch has come up with a product for early detection of IV infiltration. The ivWatch Model 400 is a patient monitoring device that uses a reusable sensor cable with a visible and near-infrared light that looks for changes in the optical properties of the tissue near the PIV insertion site. If infiltration is detected, the ivWatch monitor will provide audible and visible notifications, alerting clinicians of an infiltration event. The benefit of this device is that it offers an affordable solution and immediate improvement in patient safety.

IvWatch is looking for internships and full positions to be filled. They do not require a security clearance. The positions are not specific and experience is not as important but if you are smart and are willing to work they will find a place for you. They want a resume and a cover letter and they do check social media.

If you want more information or just want to visit the website, check them out at ivwatch.com

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