What You Missed at Pizza My Mind

The last Pizza My Mind was hosted by SPAWAR or Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. Senior project supervisor Jonathan Wells led the presentation. Wells has worked on the systems that led to chips in credit cards and on new medical systems that are implemented by the government.

Senior project supervisor Jonathan Wells leads the presentation.

The opportunity to work on potentially important new technological developments is an exciting one!

SPAWAR is of course a navy contractor primarily. Wells describes the role as an employee at SPAWAR as a way to work on projects with a tangible impact on how the navy develops in which you can see the effect your actions have had unlike in many larger companies. An employee may work in software development, engineering, or help with facilitating communication between two subs while underwater for example.

The “competency alignment” system is intended to guarantee that each employee works in the area that best suits them. Employees also have travel opportunities, 10 paid holidays, assistance towards a master degree, and flexible hours. SPAWAR also has a stem program focused on teaching high school students robotics that employees can take part in.

Jonathan Wells speaks to a student

SPAWAR has an intern program where interns could work on rewriting legacy systems, creating a new maintenance app, or helping develop connectivity processes for marine corp laptops. Interns must be eligible for security clearances in order to apply.

Send an email to jobs.spawar.navy.mil to apply or give your resume to Wells. For more info go their site below.


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