Pizza My Mind Presented by Huntington Ingalls Fleet Support Group

Hard Stuff Done Right. If you are looking for a challenge you will enjoy this week’s presenter. This past Pizza My Mind was presented by HII Fleet Support Group (formally AMSEC) with Stephen Kortz, program manager of the NNS Facilities Engineering department, leading the talk. Fleet Support Group is a full-service supplier to the US Navy and commercial maritime industry providing support in Maintenance and Modernization, Training, Logistics, Engineering, and Technical Services. The primary location is in Newport News but there are other locations including one in Pascagoula, Miss.

The company has billions of dollars in business each year with no signs of slowing down so it will continue to provide opportunities well into the future. Large amounts of technology and applications are used to keep the company up and running. SharePoint and a wide array of network services combined with standard laptops or tablets are commonplace within the company. A focus of the use of this technology is to accurately and efficiently document and describe both the jobs being done and the location at which they will take place. New employees will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with these technologies as they work.

Kortz discussed many opportunities throughout the companies’ various branches so if you wish to learn more check out their site.

Pizza My Mind Presented by Swisslog

Would you like to experience the future of Robotics solutions? Swisslog may be for you. The company specializes in automatic and robotic data driven solutions for many fields including healthcare and automotive industries.

Swisslog has offices all around the world and employees have the opportunity to take part in a hackathon where the chosen teams may travel to new locations in order to compete.

Current CNU student Gabriella Bishop works there as a Controls Systems Engineering intern. currently . She has been able to work with and help create comprehensive plans to be used thoughout the design process. Richard Hawley, Software Developer, discussed the Software and Controls Hub. This section of the company deals with design and production of software used by the company including experience with dozens of software applications as well as the entire SDLC ranging from testing to deployment.

CNU student Gabriella Bishop explains her role with the company

CNU graduate Jacob Oakley spoke next about the integration and testing team. His duties included going to warehouses and working directly with the tech used there. He also wrote manual tests to test software functionality.

Finally Kelly Rangel, Cait Kooistra, and Jennifer Knapp spoke about Swisslog’s Customer Service. The goal of the department is to provide remote help in regards to Swisslog technology and to keep them working smoothly as well as occasional on site support and monitoring.

Overall Swisslog offers a variety of opportunities and is currently hiring for internships and full time positions. Reach out to Joan Negron of Human Resources if you have questions at

or check out their site here

Pizza My Mind Presented by Riverside

Healthcare IT is a niche but a critical field with room for growth for new hires. Riverside Regional Medical Center’s Dennis Loftus, Sr. Vice President and CIO, lead the presentation on Riverside IT. The IT department has won the highest award in healthcare IT 13 years in a row and they are hopeful they’ll accomplish this again this year.

Dennis Loftus speaks to a student

Currently the department is working on implementing new technologies such as the EPIC system. Loftus briefly mentioned a previous security breach that Riverside suffered. The breach has led to the company focusing heavily on education about these scenarios in order to avoid them in the future.

Christine Luttig, Manager, Intranet/Internet Services and PCSE graduate, took the stage to discuss Riverside’s internship program. Internships are unpaid at the present moment but contain valuable experience in healthcare IT. Riverside has no other job openings presently. Christine emphasized the importance of working as a team to enhance each members strengths. Riverside is flexible to allow for new opportunities for its employees and to find the best fit for them.

Christine Luttig addresses the crowd

If you would like to learn more see Riverside’s website below.

Pizza My Mind Presented by Newport News Shipbuilding

Hard Stuff Done Right. Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries, prides itself on facing challenges head on.

Rosetta Rolan addresses the crowd

Rosetta Rolan’s presentation focused on the many internship opportunities open to CNU students including an IT Co-op program, Engineering Co-op program, and a Business Management Co-op opportunity. Full time positions are also available for graduates.

Each of these programs requires a different application, a 3.0 or higher GPA, U.S. citizenship, and active works towards a degree.

Participants in these programs will be given the opportunity to work at the shipyard with professionals as well other interns doing real work for the company. Engagement with others is a key part of the internship process as stated by computer science major Scott Durant, student intern for NNS. Durant explained he was placed on a team of five and worked closely with them over the summer.

Scott Durant

Internships are paid and support flexible hours or work from home within reason. In order to apply go to

Learn more about NNS here

Pizza My Mind Presented by CVP

CVP hosted last week’s Pizza My Mind. A winner of many awards, the goal of the company is to coordinate with the public sector and fortune 500 companies to help improve their business performance. Core markets for the company include healthcare, national security, and State or Local governments.

Raelene Wagoner addressing the crowd

CVP achieves these goals with a combination of supporting strong business values and by adhering to a Continuous Change environment to advance technology in important ways. Advances in BigData, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Agile/DevOps are major focuses of CVP and potential work areas for new employees. New hires may be developers and analysts on any of these technologies.

CNU graduate and current CVP software developer Louis Gomez was present and spoke briefly on his experiences. Right from the beginning he was able to work on interesting projects that contributed to the company. He has worked on a dock greeter for Amazon Alexa and with Amazon Web Services serverless functions and databases for various purposes. Even as an intern he was able to work on relevant projects and future PCSE majors could be the next to be given the opportunity

CVP organizes its efforts into communities of interest that any employee may experience through asking questions or going to meetings and decide what is the best fit for them. The COI’s include BA Testing, Big data, Development, Health Solutions, Media and Communications, Cloud Architecture, Project Management, Information Security, Training and Outreach. Success within the company can be measured and rewarded through CVP’s Performance Development Plan. It allows employees to easily see the training and progress needed to achieve their goals.

Wagoner and Louis Gomez

Finally, paid days of service, casual work attire, and donation matching are other perks employees could make use of. If you are interest in CVP then learn more from the link below or find them on Twitter or facebook as @CVPCORP

Pizza My Mind Presented by MITRE

Last Pizza My Mind was hosted by MITRE Hampton Roads’ Lowell Asher. He was joined by CNU masters student and MITRE intern James Tobin. MITRE is a not-for-profit science and technology company that works with the United States government on matters of defense and intelligence as well as many others. The company also values sharing of knowledge to other vendors or companies that require it where possible.

MITRE’s Lowell Asher and CNU intern James Tobin present

MITRE runs federally funded research and development centers (FFRDC) in seven areas. The seven areas are national Security Engineering, Advanced Aviation Systems, Homeland Security Systems, Modernizing Healthcare, Enterprise Modernization, Judiciary Engineering, and National Cyber security. If you have problem solving skills and a passion for one of these areas then you should look into MITRE.

The company has two campuses in Bedford MA, and Mclean, VA. Internships are payed and pay is influenced by how far along in education that you are. Loan assistance and tuition reimbursement programs are also available to some. Internship applicants must have a 3.0 GPA, be university bound, and be a permanent resident of the US.

If you are interested in anything you’ve read click below for more information.

Pizza My Mind Presented by the PCSE Department.

The introductory Pizza My Mind served as an introduction to the department for our new students.

Students wait in line for Pizza My Mind

For those unfamiliar with how Pizza My Mind works. Each Thursday a company will provide pizza and speak about what they do as well as potential opportunities. Students who attend will be able to speak to new employers and find new opportunities to become engaged with the community and succeed as a PCSE student. Attendance can help you get the most of out your experiences.

Clare Maliniak and Anton Riedl address the students

In addition to that, details on a mentorship program for women in the PCSE department and on the various clubs available to PCSE students was made available by the student leaders themselves and their associated professors. Please check out the link below to express interest in clubs here on campus and receive more information.

Pizza My Mind Presented by Riverside Medical

Riverside Health System presented Pizza My Mind on Thursday, March 22nd. Located just a few minutes away from campus, Riverside has evolved into a flagship regional medical center with several other affiliates in the Virginia Peninsula area.

Dennis Loftus, Sr. Vice President and CIO, beginning the presentation

The most prominent focus of this presentation, provided by Dennis Loftus, Sr. Vice President and CIO, was on the company’s cyber security methods and checks. Mr. Loftus explained that a few weeks ago the company distributed a fake email to simulate phishing efforts carried out by hackers to test employee response. A total of 20% of employees opened it and the majority of those entered credentials. This test predated a very recent real phishing attack in which a doctor added their credentials to the fake url. Riverside has since then implemented new training programs and put in hundreds of hours of work in order to guarantee that these phishing attempts are less successful in the future.

The long process of updating legacy systems to a new and more modern technology was also discussed. Students were given a very in-depth account of the efficient processes the Riverside follows. The company presents a very strong case for competent cyber security so give them a chance as opportunities arise in the future. Interested at working at Riverside? Riverside is currently seeking candidates to join their web development team.

Dennis Loftus and David Key speaking to students

Learn more about Riverside at:

IEEE Nasa Trip

The IEEE club recently hosted a trip to NASA Langley that allowed students in the club and PCSE department to tour the campus and meet numerous researchers and engineers.

CNU students preparing for the NASA trip

Each student was provided NASA security badges and bused around the many sections of campus. The first stop was the aviation research facility where NASA engineers show off multiple planes and the research conducted towards improving flight. Students were able to learn about the collection of atmospheric data in the arctic, attempts to improve supersonic flight, and reduction of supersonic noise pollution.

Next, the students were taught NASA’s history and allowed to learn a few details about current NASA projects. A highlight was a project to develop decelerators for space missions. The materials used and some prototypes were made available for the students to interact with and study. Afterwards, students were able to see the systems used to communicate with the International Space Station and sit in seats used by actual researchers in mission control. Projects involving drones, earth science, and robotics were explained as well.

Michael S. Wusk, NASA Engineer speaking with students and faculty.

Overall, the tour provided a cool and unique opportunity to learn more about current research and cutting-edge technologies at NASA. Interested in more opportunities like this? Consider joining IEEE. For more information contact: IEEE Club

Pizza My Mind presented by ID Tech

This past Pizza My Mind was hosted by ID Tech and led by Mark Morreno, ID Tech recruiter for 8 years. ID Tech runs technology based camps over the summer with the intent of teaching younger children, usually ten to twelve, and teens about various technologies. A large number of courses are available with unity game design and coding being among them. They are looking to hire students to act as instructors at the camp.

Mark Morreno presenting to PCSE students

Instructors would be required to lead a small class of children in their area of study. A lot of time is spent inside the classroom but outside activities are also common and encouraged. Each camp has its own culture and recreational activities decided by the instructors so fun is also encouraged. There are over 190 U.S. locations to choose from. Travel opportunities are offered as well as competitive pay, internship credits, promotions, and lodging.

The instructors were showed incredible enthusiasm for their jobs and for the children under their watch. If you share this enthusiasm then ID Tech may be the company for you. Instructors at the summer camps have the opportunity to meet parents each week as well as other ID Tech employees. It is not uncommon for parents of children that attend the camps to be computer professionals themselves that may provide opportunities and new contacts to ID Tech instructors.
Give ID Tech a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

Student Questions featuring CNU senior and former ID Tech instuctor Sebastian

Apply at