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Pizza My Mind Presented by Collier Research Corporation

On February 25, Collier Research Corporation presented Pizza My Mind. Collier Research Corporation is an aerospace engineering software company based in Newport News. Their flagship product is the HyperSizer software that is used for structural design in the aerospace industry. Additionally, they contract for companies like Blue Origin, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, and more. Presenter Charli Black (aerospace engineer) was joined by current Christopher Newport University Students and HyperSizer interns Emery Weist and Peter Glenn.

The HyperSizer software uses many technologies including Microsoft Access (Database), Fortran (Analysis Code), VB6 (Graphics), C++ (Plugins), and many other languages. Collier Research Corporation is currently in the process of porting the database to SQL as well as the analysis code to C# and C++. They are currently looking for software engineers proficient in C# or Java, WPF/Swing/other UI frameworks, 3D graphics development, Relational Database Management Systems, and/or C++. 

There are openings available for summer interns as well as full time candidates. Collier Research Corporation is a small company, so each employee has an important role and can see their impact. The atmosphere is relaxed, and everyone cares about their work. 

Emery and Peter have interned during their summers, and have both accepted full time positions with Collier Research Corporation. Emery shared that as an intern, his work had a big impact. He spoke of his experience sharing what he was working on with the CEO as he walked around the office. Peter shared a long list of things he appreciates about working at Collier Research Corporation including the small company size, the importance of his work, the atmosphere of collective success, and the supportive environment. Peter also gave advice to stand out as an applicant by linking your GitHub page or referencing personal projects you have worked on to show passion and initiative. 

For more information visit hypersizer.com.

Thank you to Charli Black, Emery Weist, and Peter Glenn for your excellent presentation!

Pizza My Mind Presented by HyperSizer

Presenters Charlie Black, Simon Baar, and current CNU student Emery Weist from HyperSizer hosted Pizza My Mind on January 23rd. HyperSizer is actually software that the Collier Research Corporation uses to analyze and optimize structures for customers such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing. They are headquartered right here in Newport News. 

Hypersizer would be super cool to work with. The software is used to model planes, rockets, and drones. Another perk is the small company environment. The office is a big open room which allows and encourages open communication between all members of the company. In this setting, it is very easy to talk to coworkers about problems and ask questions. The company encourages learning as well and offers financial support to employees to take classes and pursue learning opportunities. Another perk is the flexible schedule allowed as long as you’re getting your work done.

Candidates for internships or full time positions should be willing to take on a challenge. Things HyperSizer are looking for include proficiencies in C# or Java, C++, 3D graphics development, experience with UI frameworks, and relational database management systems. They are looking for juniors and seniors to fill open summer internship as well as full time positions!

To apply, check out https://hypersizer.com/about/join-our-team/.