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Pizza My Mind Presented by the MITRE Corporation

The MITRE Corporation joined the Physics, Computer Science and Engineering department students and faculty on October 8th for Pizza My Mind. MITRE is a not-for-profit organization created to serve the public interest by focusing on science and technology and solving problems for the country. MITRE has seven Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs).  Presenters Lowell Asher (Project Leader and Multi-Discipline Systems Engineer) and Amndeep Mann (Hampton Roads STEM Outreach Coordinator) work out of the Hampton location under the National Security and Engineering Center FFRDC.

Mr. Asher, who is also a member of the Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering Industry Advisory Board, spoke proudly of the culture at MITRE. There, the environment is similar to an academic setting; grace and respect are important. Work is peer reviewed and coworkers address each other by their first name. There are community building opportunities such as local volunteering. In addition, MITRE made sure to take care of their employees when everyone started working from home due to Covid-19. Employees were given laptops and smartphones so they could continue to access the internet and their work. 

MITRE is passionate about learning and research. They offer technical conferences, engage in knowledge sharing, and have an Innovation Program to encourage independent research in disruptive technologies. Additionally, there are supplemental technical courses as well as courses to develop business and management skills. Not only that, but MITRE also offers loan assistance, tuition reimbursement, and bonuses for degree completion. 

MITRE is looking to hire summer interns to work in emerging technologies. Requirements include being a US citizen or permanent resident, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and being a current student or recent graduate. Interns work directly with sponsors and mentors and are often offered full time positions for post-graduation. 

For more information visit:


Thank you to MITRE and presenters Lowell Asher and Amndeep Mann for your awesome presentation!

Pizza My Mind Presented by Lockheed Martin

On October 1st, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering students and faculty had the pleasure of attending Pizza My Mind featuring Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is a defense centric organization with four main areas: aeronautics, missiles and fire control, rotary and mission systems, and space. They serve primarily the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. federal government agencies and have locations all across the United States as well as internationally.

 Presenters Dennis Coo (Director of Systems Engineering), John Rosebrook (Engineering Leadership Development Manager), Michael Hitt (Systems Engineer Manager), David Kroell (CNU Alum and Software Engineering ELDP), and Anne Baer (CNU Alumna and Systems Engineer) came from the Manassas Headquarters and work in Rotary Missions Systems. There are nine sectors in Rotary Mission Systems: command, control, communications, computer, cyber, combat, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance.   

 Lockheed Martin has a lot to offer their employees. They have positions available for interns as well as new graduates.  Employees are eligible for education assistance to help them earn their advanced degree or professional certifications. Additional benefits include 401(k) Plan, flexible work hours, and PTO. Lockheed Martin goes out of the way to promote a good work-life balance.

 In addition to benefits offered by Lockheed Martin, the Manassas area also has a lot to offer. There are a lot of fun things to do in the area including parks, historical sites, and the Air and Space Museum. Manassas is close to Washington DC and several universities including George Mason University. Other things available in the area are good restaurants and shopping. 

 Lockheed Martin is looking to hire all years and majors. Apply now!


 Thank you to Lockheed Martin and presenters Dennis Coo, John Rosebrook, Michael Hitt, David Kroell, and Anne Baer for joining us.  We hope to see you again soon!

Pizza My Mind Presented by Amazon

Amazon presented Pizza My Mind on September 24th. Brian Riley (Head of Talent Acquisition HQ2), Michael Johnson (CNU alum and Software Engineer, AWS Key Management Services), and Sarah Newell (CNU alumna and Tech Recruiter, AWS) joined the Physics, Computer Science and Engineering department virtually to talk about Amazon’s culture and student hiring. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Many things fall under the Amazon umbrella including the well known amazon.com, amazon prime, amazon fresh, amazon alexa, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Amazon proudly stands by their leadership principles: customer obsession, ownership, invent and simplify, are right a lot, learn and be curious, hire and develop the best, insist on the highest standards, think big, bias for action, frugality, earn trust, dive deep, have backbone – disagree and commit, and deliver results. These principles are a big part of the culture at Amazon as reported by Mr. Riley.  

Amazon has a lot of job openings, especially with the construction of their new location HQ2 in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia. They are a large and fast growing company looking to hire people from a variety of backgrounds that are passionate about invention. There are full time and internship opportunities available for recent graduates and current students. Amazon employees receive many benefits including competitive pay, relocation assistance, housing stipends, and mentors to guide them. Many events are held for interns to encourage community and connections. Employees get excited about intern projects; they attend the final presentations of the interns, and often the projects are turned into a real product used by Amazon.

Mr. Johnson’s recommendation for students is “study whatever your passion is.” He advised those looking to apply to follow the advice of the recruiters in the interview process. They send you links to prepare and tell you what the process will be. He also suggested that students “take an interest in technologies above and beyond what you see in the classroom.” Success requires a drive to learn.

Thank you to Amazon and our three presenters Brian Riley, Michael Johnson, and Sarah Newell for joining us.

To learn more about the Amazon internship process, visit: http://amazon.jobs/interviewing-at-amazon.

To apply for a job with Amazon, visit: https://www.amazon.jobs/.

Pizza My Mind Presented by NASA DEVELOP

Pizza My Mind was presented by NASA DEVELOP on September 17th. Presenter Adriana Le Compte is a NASA DEVELOP Fellow at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. DEVELOP is part of the Earth Science Division at NASA. This program enables participants to collaborate with NASA researchers, partner organizations, and state and local governments on a research project. Participants use data from NASA Earth observations in research projects to address local issues. There are 11 locations across the country, each with different focuses and different projects available. 

NASA DEVELOP core values include collaboration, service, passion, and discovery. Participants will work a 10 week term in which they research and study data to give meaningful feedback about the issue addressed in their project. Project examples from past years include a Massachusetts water resources study on the effect of beaver reintroduction to certain areas and flooding and a project in Philadelphia on health and air quality. 

To be eligible, you can be a current student or a recent graduate with a minimum gpa of 3.0 and interest in remote sensing, science, and a desire to learn. All majors welcome! There are three terms throughout the year in spring, summer, and fall. The deadline to apply for the spring term is October 9th!

Benefits of participating in NASA DEVELOP include growth in technical skills, experience in a professional workplace, team collaboration experience, and networking opportunities. Applicants can set themselves apart by showing passion and interest in the project they are applying to work on. 

Thank you to NASA DEVELOP and to Adriana Le Compte for presenting!

Pizza My Mind Presented by Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies presented Pizza My Mind on Thursday September 10th. Presenters Dr. Harry Johnson and Krystal Finch shared some information about their cool company and what opportunities they have available. Raytheon is an aerospace defense company that deals with a broad spectrum of technologies and subjects such as space, quantum computing, and all kinds of engineering. 

The company values trust, respect, accountability, collaboration, and innovation. Dr. Johnson was proud to talk about just how much Raytheon cares for its employees. Beyond caring for its own employees, Raytheon supports the broader community with volunteering opportunities for employees and support for non-profit organizations working to feed the hungry and bolster education. 

Raytheon responded to the changing work environment due to Covid-19 adeptly. The company switched to work from home and provided work chairs to employees to foster a comfortable experience for employees. They also have measures in place to keep employees that must return to working in person safe. 

Good news! Raytheon offers opportunities for recent graduates as well as internships and co-ops for current students. With locations all over the United States, there are opportunities to travel for those who are interested. Another benefit is potential student loan repayment. Raytheon is looking for all different majors, and internships often lead to offers for full time positions. The best ways to set yourself apart from other applicants are to network, know about the company and position you’re applying for and why you want to work for them, and have a high quality resume with a GPA of at least 3.0. 

Here is where to apply: https://www.rtx.com/careers/overview

Thank you to Raytheon Technologies for presenting at Pizza My Mind!

Pizza My Mind Welcome to the Department

On Thursday September 3rd, we welcomed everyone back to Christopher Newport University with an introduction to the clubs and organizations in the Physics, Computer Science and Engineering Department. Each club president gave a little introduction to what they do and how to join. The PCSE department has many different clubs to offer from official organizations like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to clubs like the Linux User Group (LUG), the Cybersecurity Club, the Unmanned Aerial Systems Team (UAS) and many more!

The PCSE department also has the pleasure of welcoming new faculty members this semester. 

Dr. Samuel Henry, Dr. Mike Lapke, and Dr. Nazli Siasi have joined our wonderful faculty.

Several students paired up with professors this summer to do research as a part of CNU’s summer scholars program. Samith Chowdhury, Jack Lynam, Audrey Lawton, and Kyle Werntz shared about projects they got to research.

For the rest of the year, Pizza My Mind will be presented by guest speakers from various companies, so make sure you tune in every week to learn about different companies and job opportunities.

Thank you to everyone who presented!

Pizza My Mind Presented by UiPath

On February 13th, UiPath presented Pizza My Mind. UiPath is the fastest growing Enterprise Software company in history. Based in New York, UiPath has locations all around the world. This company offers software that automates processes so that real people can get more relevant work done in the time that is freed up. The software uses RoboticProcess Automation (RPA) that offers automated solutions for less cost and cuts down on the amount of time the process takes. To simplify, the software is a robot that makes life easier and saves you time. 

UiPath offers an Academic Alliance Edition of the RPA program to universities. This program is available for students to make robots to execute simple tasks for them. There are also platforms people can go to view other robots that other students have created and share their own robots with other students.

UiPath does offer summer internships, but they are a small company so these positions are limited and competitive. Good ways to stand out are showing experience in automation and RPA. Having experience with the tools offered by UiPath is also a great way to stand out to other companies or partners of UiPath. 

See https://www.uipath.com/ for more information about what UiPath has to offer, and check out job opportunities at https://www.uipath.com/company/careers/jobs.

Thank you to the presenters from UiPath! 

Pizza My Mind Presented by HyperSizer

Presenters Charlie Black, Simon Baar, and current CNU student Emery Weist from HyperSizer hosted Pizza My Mind on January 23rd. HyperSizer is actually software that the Collier Research Corporation uses to analyze and optimize structures for customers such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing. They are headquartered right here in Newport News. 

Hypersizer would be super cool to work with. The software is used to model planes, rockets, and drones. Another perk is the small company environment. The office is a big open room which allows and encourages open communication between all members of the company. In this setting, it is very easy to talk to coworkers about problems and ask questions. The company encourages learning as well and offers financial support to employees to take classes and pursue learning opportunities. Another perk is the flexible schedule allowed as long as you’re getting your work done.

Candidates for internships or full time positions should be willing to take on a challenge. Things HyperSizer are looking for include proficiencies in C# or Java, C++, 3D graphics development, experience with UI frameworks, and relational database management systems. They are looking for juniors and seniors to fill open summer internship as well as full time positions!

To apply, check out https://hypersizer.com/about/join-our-team/.

Pizza My Mind Presented by Marathon Consulting

Marathon Consulting presented Pizza My Mind on January 14th. Marathon is an Information Technology consulting company founded and based in Virginia Beach. In 2016 they were voted the best place to work, and have been in the top 20 best companies to work for since 2011. Marathon is not a government contractor; Instead, they serve mostly mid- range businesses in a variety of projects.

The benefits of working at Marathon Consulting are numerous including health care, paid time off, professional development, and in some cases PC purchase reimbursement. After you’ve been with the company for a year, they give you a one week training course to keep you learning and cultivating relevant skills. 

Marathon Consulting offers both full time positions and internships. They are looking for skilled candidates who are balanced, committed, and hardworking. Full time positions like Junior Technical Advisory Member or Junior Application/Web Developer are available as well as seasonal internships, so there is a little something for everyone. Go to www.marathonus.com to apply today!

Thank you, Marathon Consulting, for presenting Pizza My Mind!

Pizza My Mind Presented by Genworth Financial Inc.

Pizza My Mind was presented by Genworth Financial Inc. on January 16th. Genworth is a financial/insurance company headquartered in Richmond. The presenters, Meygan Joyner, Data Scientist and Matt Thompson, Lead Data Scientist gave an excellent presentation on artificial intelligence and deep learning. They discussed topics such as classification vs. regression, supervised vs. unsupervised learning, graph fits, modeling data, neural nets, and problems commonly run into in the data science world. 

Genworth is looking for interns and full-time applicants. With small teams, employees at Genworth have freedom to do what they want while using cutting edge tools. Interns are given real, high level work and many opportunities to grow and learn. Internships last 3 months, are paid well, and there are awesome benefits like housing stipends for those who live far and chances to explore Richmond and contribute to the community. As far as full-time positions, Genworth has an IT development program that is excellent for college graduates. This program is an opportunity to learn and eventually move to a department of the company you want to work in (like data science).

Go to www.genworth.com/careers to apply!

Thanks to Genworth for presenting!