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Pizza My Mind Presented by AUVSI Hampton Roads

The Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering department had the pleasure of hosting the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Hampton Roads on April 15. The AUVSI is a global, non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of unmanned systems and robotics. The department was joined by presenters Daniel Wolfe, Chapter President in Hampton Roads, and Scott Bellows, Chair, Education and Outreach Committee.

The AUVSI partners with NASA and other professional organizations to work with unmanned air, land, and sea systems. Unmanned systems is a growing industry that is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s world. Membership at AUVSI offers direct access to industry professionals to build connections and find internship and employment opportunities. 

AUVSI has a parent organization in northern Virginia that hosts informational webinars for free or a low cost. The Hampton Roads chapter hosts meetings with industry and government professionals who present about interesting and relevant topics. These resources and more are available to members of AUVSI. Students can get full membership with access to all the same resources as industry professionals and can also attend webinars and events.

Scott Bellows is the creator of CSIIP, a program to connect students with paid internship opportunities. The process involves a free one-time application that will allow students to be informed year round about opportunities until they graduate. For more information about the AUVSI Hampton Roads chapter please visit: https://www.auvsi.net/hamptonroads/homeand for more information about the CSIIP program, please contact Scott Bellows.

Pizza My Mind Presented by NAVSEA

Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) presented Pizza My Mind on November 19, 2020. The Dahlgren Division protects the nation by designing and developing warfare systems and technologies. Dahlgren often teams with academia on research and supports continued education. Presenters Debbie Bardine and Barry Mohel shared about what Dahlgren has to offer.

There are many departments within Dahlgren including the Gun and Electric Weapon Systems Department. Within this department, there are opportunities to work with a variety of technologies like high energy lasers, an electromagnetic railgun, hyper-velocity projectiles, gun fire control software, and projectile fuzes. 

Dahlgren offers the ability to directly impact the lives and safety of our Nation’s military. They also bring great pay and benefits, flexible schedules, family friendly environments, and paid opportunities to continue your education, alongside a myriad of other benefits. The presenters were excited to share that they can go home every night knowing they are directly helping someone else’s life. 

Applicants to Dahlgren should showcase previous experience they have in the form of internships, projects, and leadership experience. At least a 3.0 GPA is expected, along with motivation and a good work ethic. No previous work experience is required, just a passion for learning.

For more information on career opportunities with NAVSEA, please visit https://www.navsea.navy.mil/Careers/NAVSEA-Careers/

Thank you so much to wonderful presenters Debbie Bardine and Barry Mohel.

Pizza My Mind Presented by UiPath

On February 13th, UiPath presented Pizza My Mind. UiPath is the fastest growing Enterprise Software company in history. Based in New York, UiPath has locations all around the world. This company offers software that automates processes so that real people can get more relevant work done in the time that is freed up. The software uses RoboticProcess Automation (RPA) that offers automated solutions for less cost and cuts down on the amount of time the process takes. To simplify, the software is a robot that makes life easier and saves you time. 

UiPath offers an Academic Alliance Edition of the RPA program to universities. This program is available for students to make robots to execute simple tasks for them. There are also platforms people can go to view other robots that other students have created and share their own robots with other students.

UiPath does offer summer internships, but they are a small company so these positions are limited and competitive. Good ways to stand out are showing experience in automation and RPA. Having experience with the tools offered by UiPath is also a great way to stand out to other companies or partners of UiPath. 

See https://www.uipath.com/ for more information about what UiPath has to offer, and check out job opportunities at https://www.uipath.com/company/careers/jobs.

Thank you to the presenters from UiPath! 

Pizza My Mind Presented by HyperSizer

Presenters Charlie Black, Simon Baar, and current CNU student Emery Weist from HyperSizer hosted Pizza My Mind on January 23rd. HyperSizer is actually software that the Collier Research Corporation uses to analyze and optimize structures for customers such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing. They are headquartered right here in Newport News. 

Hypersizer would be super cool to work with. The software is used to model planes, rockets, and drones. Another perk is the small company environment. The office is a big open room which allows and encourages open communication between all members of the company. In this setting, it is very easy to talk to coworkers about problems and ask questions. The company encourages learning as well and offers financial support to employees to take classes and pursue learning opportunities. Another perk is the flexible schedule allowed as long as you’re getting your work done.

Candidates for internships or full time positions should be willing to take on a challenge. Things HyperSizer are looking for include proficiencies in C# or Java, C++, 3D graphics development, experience with UI frameworks, and relational database management systems. They are looking for juniors and seniors to fill open summer internship as well as full time positions!

To apply, check out https://hypersizer.com/about/join-our-team/.

Pizza My Mind Presented by Marathon Consulting

Marathon Consulting presented Pizza My Mind on January 14th. Marathon is an Information Technology consulting company founded and based in Virginia Beach. In 2016 they were voted the best place to work, and have been in the top 20 best companies to work for since 2011. Marathon is not a government contractor; Instead, they serve mostly mid- range businesses in a variety of projects.

The benefits of working at Marathon Consulting are numerous including health care, paid time off, professional development, and in some cases PC purchase reimbursement. After you’ve been with the company for a year, they give you a one week training course to keep you learning and cultivating relevant skills. 

Marathon Consulting offers both full time positions and internships. They are looking for skilled candidates who are balanced, committed, and hardworking. Full time positions like Junior Technical Advisory Member or Junior Application/Web Developer are available as well as seasonal internships, so there is a little something for everyone. Go to www.marathonus.com to apply today!

Thank you, Marathon Consulting, for presenting Pizza My Mind!

Pizza My Mind Presented by Genworth Financial Inc.

Pizza My Mind was presented by Genworth Financial Inc. on January 16th. Genworth is a financial/insurance company headquartered in Richmond. The presenters, Meygan Joyner, Data Scientist and Matt Thompson, Lead Data Scientist gave an excellent presentation on artificial intelligence and deep learning. They discussed topics such as classification vs. regression, supervised vs. unsupervised learning, graph fits, modeling data, neural nets, and problems commonly run into in the data science world. 

Genworth is looking for interns and full-time applicants. With small teams, employees at Genworth have freedom to do what they want while using cutting edge tools. Interns are given real, high level work and many opportunities to grow and learn. Internships last 3 months, are paid well, and there are awesome benefits like housing stipends for those who live far and chances to explore Richmond and contribute to the community. As far as full-time positions, Genworth has an IT development program that is excellent for college graduates. This program is an opportunity to learn and eventually move to a department of the company you want to work in (like data science).

Go to www.genworth.com/careers to apply!

Thanks to Genworth for presenting!

Pizza My Mind Presented by Innovative Defense Technology

On December 5th, Pizza My Mind was presented by Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT). IDT is an information technology company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. They work with the Department of Defense (DOD), NAVSEA, and NAVAIR. IDT focuses on defense and design and develop ships, missile defense and weapons systems using modeling technology and 3D systems. 

IDT is looking to hire interns from any and all majors. There are opportunities to work with different languages such as C++, C, and Java. Positions at IDT offer flexibility to move from one department to another, flexible schedules, and unique opportunities not limited by previous job experience. Positions may require a clearance that can be obtained through IDT. Interns start the process early so they can do real relevant work during their internships. Interns also have many resources available to them such as mentors. Interns receive an official mentor and have many other mentor-like figures for example their manager, senior engineers, and coworkers. Interns work 40 hours a week in small teams and an open, social atmosphere. 

People who will stand out the most as internship candidates are interested in multiple fields, particularly the defense field. They will express an interest in the way things work and how systems come together. 

Thank you to IDT for presenting at Pizza My Mind!

Pizza My Mind Presented by Swisslog

Swisslog presented Pizza My Mind on November 14th. Swisslog is an automation integration company with North American headquarters right here in Newport News. They are a global presence, owned by a German company with main headquarters in Switzerland. Swisslog has many customers including large companies like Walmart. 

Not only are there cool full time positions at Swisslog, but they also have internships available to all majors. These internships often come with a path to a full time position with Swisslog. You can join the many CNU alumni already working at Swisslog! Presenters shared the many cool things that come along with working at Swisslog. As earlier stated, Swisslog is a global company, so there are many travel opportunities as an employee. If you happen to not like what you’re doing, there is mobility within the company, so you can try something different and find where you fit best. Additionally, you get to work near amazing robots, big cranes, and all sorts of automated systems. The presenters really emphasized just how cool these things are to work with. In addition, there are Hackathon opportunities for Swisslog employees. 

Big thank you to the presenters from Swisslog!

Pizza My Mind Presented by NAVSEA

NAVSEA presented Pizza My Mind November 21st. They are the Navy’s “premier laboratory for weapons development.” With nearby locations in Dahlgren, Virginia and Virginia Beach, Virginia (also known as Dam Neck), the Naval Sea Systems Command is a division of the United States Navy responsible for engineering, building, and supporting US ships and combat systems. 

NAVSEA provides job opportunities for all majors in the Physics Computer Science and Engineering department here at Christopher Newport University. The presenters spoke highly of the opportunities offered at NAVSEA. Jobs with them require a security clearance, which is a great thing to have. It is easy to move between departments to find what you like best. Not only that, but you get to work with extremely cool weapons systems, travel to planes and ships to get hands on experience, see how systems operate in the field, and most importantly help real soldiers. It is reportedly a very gratifying and unique experience.

These cool opportunities aren’t the only draw NAVSEA has. They offer tuition assistance and will help cover books fees to students pursuing a Masters who make good grades. They have academic fellowship options where you can go to school and work part time. Certifications can also be at least somewhat paid for by NAVSEA. 

They are looking for both Undergraduate students and those about to graduate who are both problem solvers and willing to learn.

Thank you to NAVSEA for presenting at Pizza My Mind!